Anne-Mieke Ytsma’s latest collection for Underground Sundae, ‘Lobster II’ makes us question the intrinsic value we put on jewellery, the objects we choose to hoard, and why. Any visit to Ytsma’s studio will mean being struck by a display of a proliferation of objects, these haphazard combinations tell of: 

the anachronistic, the miscellany of life, that jumble drawer at home, the precious, the mundane.

Heirloom treasures harness an almost talismanic power. Precious gold and silver is contrasted with synthetic rubies; hydrothermal emeralds and cultured freshwater pearls. Foraged diamanté necklaces are re purposed and spliced together, often set with bright new paste gems, becoming necklaces and singular earrings.

There are gentle evolutions of her previous work, new styles include chains of silver daisies, statement gems, and the ‘Me’ stud (offered in both gold and silver), reminds us all to be mindful and practise self-care. Earrings can be bought as a pair or individually, the lengths of the necklaces can be adjusted.

This personalised attitude translates into the campaign imagery shot by Auckland-based Imogen Wilson, where a kin of fellow collectors are captured in their respective environments amongst the detritus of their daily lives.